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Childhood Cancer

Your source for childhood cancer awareness products, gifts for childhood cancer patients and their caregivers - shop by ribbon color - it's just what the doctor ordered! Our designs are available on hundreds of products including t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, and many more items.

Awareness Ribbon Color: Gold

Awareness Month: September

The Gold Ribbon Collection - by The Gift MD

Best Sellers:

Please click on the product of your choice for more information. Most products are customizable regarding style, color, size, etc.

Other Designs Created by The Gift MD:

Chemo Coach
Dancing with N.E.D.
The King of Chemo
The Queen of Chemo
I am a Survivor
Viva la Cure
Wanted: A Cure for Childhood Cancer

Christmas and Holiday Designs

Dove of Hope
Gold Ribbon Reindeer
Gold Ribbon Christmas Trees

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