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Chemo Bell - Man

As much as they try to construct facilities that are bright and cheery, a cancer center is just that - a specialized medical building. No amount of greenery or brilliant artwork disguises its purpose or function. No comfortable chairs and smiling volunteers appreciably change the overall atmosphere. There is one thing however, that immediately and spontaneously lifts everyone's spirit and that is the RINGING OF THE BELL signaling someone's final chemotherapy treatment!

It's not the sound of a single bell ringing - it's a raucous clanging by the patient, their family and their nurses. The cancer center sparks to life - everyone stops and cheers, claps, whistles and hoots! It's a joyous eruption - capable of giving pause to the reason why you're there and giving hope and optimism to one and all.

Many families plan a ceremony around their loved one's final chemotherapy treatment. It's an occasion to celebrate the courage, stamina and perseverance required to complete the treatment cycle. Knowing how difficult it is, it's a thrill to see the tears of relief and delight in the faces of the patient and their family members!

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